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The Latest Trend In New Ac Unit Tucson

All right so you’ve been Tucson ac repair thinking about swapping out that old air-conditioned use just not sure if you’re going to get your money’s worth out of such a big ticket I go to help you make that decision I’m going to tell you the story today I always swapped out our air condition unit it was an older unit probably over eighteen years old layer up to a new seer unit relatively high efficiency I’m going to show you our electrical uses changes how much we can’t.

we save energy wise Over son at six months or so it’s kind of wait for a whole year but so happy about the savings that we’ve had and I just can’t wait it’s June now pretty hot outside it takes an aperture ring to give you some idea what you can expect if you go ahead and upgrade you I’m gonna start by showing you how old this is right away tell is much noise just saw it was installed when houses built such a mansion – so just become too much of an energy.

Hog to continue running our bills were running north of $ a month so it was time to change see the inside unit all looked pretty bad that was all replaced to replace the inside and outside you need to go with a new five tons Goodman unit now let’s take a look at some numbers here you can see a comparison between the meters the top one being the old unit and the bottom.

we’re being new yet I couldn’t think of a better way to show both them at the same time so hopefully you can get an idea their difference in electric current usage I have to say I was a little bit put off when I first saw the new unit come in considerably larger than the old unit here you can see it together compared with the old unit considerably larger but I guess that leads to the efficiency since the larger unit with cool the Freon ghastly better devastated coil pretty much rusted out.